Let's have a look to the game pieces!

How can we breathe?

• Unconscious breathing:

how we breathe most of time

• Voluntary breathing:

when we consciously control our breathing

• Perceptible breathing:

when we are consciously aware of our natural breathing rhythm

There is an important and continuous interdependence between breathing, moving, and sounding.

When does sounding become music?

When does moving become dance?

• Playing = Improvising

How does playing/improvising become artistic creation?

• Playing/improvising within a clear structure

| Creating improvisatory systems/tasks

| Establishing contact with one another (musical, visual, physical, ‘dance’, no contact)

How can one compose moving sound?

How can one compose sounding movement?

• New forms of notation that integrate and instruct sound-producing bodies

• Shared and cyclical composition

• Create a body of repeatable musical and movement material

How can we structure a performance that balances improvisation with composition and maintains a playful character?

Develop a game that decides and can tell us the order of pre-existing material and also determines the necessary parameters for structuring intermediary improvisations.